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Protecting your vehicle is a small investment that can save you tons down the road. Whether it's something as mundane as routine maintenance or accessorizing your car. If you want to have the pinnacle of defense against weather and life for your vehicle, then you can start by outfitting it with WeatherTech® accessories. Dutch's Auto Group has several Ford dealers KY as well as Chevy dealers KY. All of which are happy to provide drivers like you with the WeatherTech® accessories you need to tackle the road ahead of you. WeatherTech® Accessories come in many different forms, offering drivers like you things such as Floor Liners, Rain Guards, Seat Covers and more. We can order any WeatherTech® accessory or part and have it here at one of our Chevy or Ford dealers in KY near you in no time!

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WeatherTech® FloorLiners™

The floor well of your car, truck, minivan, or SUV is one area of the interior of your vehicle that takes the most punishment. Often getting coated with dirt and grime before you know it. WeatherTech® FloorLiner™s can give your ample interior protection against such punishment. Designed to accurately cover the entire interior carpet of your floor well for complete protection. WeatherTech® FloorLiners™ are lovingly crafted from a patented High-Density Tri-Extruded material that offers excellent strength and durability and is super easy to clean off.
WeatherTech® Car Mats

WeatherTech® Car Mats take the protection of your vehicle's interior even further. Catching dirt and debris before it can also get to the liner or carpet underneath. WeatherTech® Car Mats are designed from an advanced Thermoplastic Elastomer compound that can offer you long-lasting durability in the hot and cold. On top of that, these car mats are even entirely recyclable.
WeatherTech® Rain Guard

Ever felt that your vehicle was a bit hot and stuffy, but you couldn't open the window thanks to the rain, snow, or high wind outside? With a set of WeatherTech® Rain Guards, you never need to deal with that problem again. WeatherTech® Rain Guards can help give you protection from rain drizzling down your window and can even reduce wind noise when traveling at higher speeds. All with a sleek, aerodynamic look that is sure to turn heads.
WeatherTech® Seat Covers

Going on a road trip with children or pets can be quite the hassle, and can wreak havoc on your seats. Get the protection you need with WeatherTech Seat Covers so you can enjoy your road trip without worrying about your vehicle.
WeatherTech® Cargo/Trunk Liner

When you have to store things in your trunk such as tools or containers of liquids, you may worry about causing damage to the trunk of your vehicle. That is why WeatherTech® has specially engineered cargo and trunk liners that can help take all that worry away by giving your trunk and cargo space added protection. WeatherTech® Cargo Liners are crafted from a custom blended TPE that is resistant to wear and tear, remains flexible and is molded to help contain any spills or leaks. With a WeatherTech® Cargo Liner of your very own, you can store whatever you want or need in your vehicle without fear of causing damage or spills.
WeatherTech® Stone & Bug Deflector

Bugs and small stones are a hazard on the road that no driver can avoid, but they can have quite the impact on your vehicle. Small bugs can be a disgusting mess to deal with and small stones can cause chips and dents or even crack your windshield. But with a WeatherTech® Stone and Bug Deflector on your vehicle you can significantly decrease the chance of these damages occurring to your vehicle. WeatherTech® Stone and Bug Deflectors are molded from a special aerospace-grade acrylic that provides excellent resistance to damage and scratches and are easy to install. A WeatherTech® Stone and Bug Deflector is an easy and affordable investment that can save your vehicle from a lot of potential nicks and bruises on the road.
Lexington Car Dealers

Accessories are a great, and relatively cheap, way to upgrade your vehicle so that it can last you longer and look as good as the day you got it. Shop with Dutch's Auto Group and our Lexington car dealers today to get the WeatherTech® accessories you need!