If you have a vehicle that you would like to put towards your next purchase, you will find that it is straightforward and convenient to trade-in your vehicle with us. At Dutch's Auto in Mount Sterling, we serve Lexington and surrounding communities by providing the assurance and transparency needed when trading-in your vehicle.

Discover why so many from the Richmond, KY, area choose us when trading-in.

Fast and Easy Trade-In Appraisal

When you choose to find a buyer in the Winchester area, you run the risk buyers trying to haggle you down and sifting through responses. Even some dealership will try to give you the run-around to have you accept a price that is lower than the value of your car. At Dutch's Auto, we are known for our no-nonsense approach and exceptional customer satisfaction.

By choosing to trade-in your vehicle with us, we offer a streamlined approach so that you can get started from your home in the Paris, KY, area. It doesn’t matter what the make or model is, we can appraise your vehicle and offer a fair price. You can save time by getting started online so that you can spend less time-on-site.

Some of the top advantages of trading in your vehicle with us are:

  • Lower Sales: Often, you can pay less in the sales tax if your vehicle is traded-in rather than sold.
  • More Financing Options: By trading in your vehicle, you will find that the total amount you need to finance is lower, and you may even discover lower rates.
  • Better Value: Our team knows the value of vehicles and can see the true value of your car even if private buyers cannot.

Get Started Today

You won't have to leave the comfort of your home to get an estimated value for your vehicle. Complete our online trade-in appraisal form to save yourself time and energy, and we will send our estimated appraisal value.

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